5 reasons why defensive driving course is a lifesaver
5 reasons why defensive driving course is a lifesaver

Just like singing, dancing, playing guitar, driving too is a skill. When a person sits behind the wheels, it’s not just his life that is to be protected, the passengers and the pedestrians’ lives too are dependent on him. Driving is a huge responsibility, and untrained drivers pose a great risk to innocent lives. There are various institutions which train people to drive. Only after completing your schooling and passing all the driving tests are you entrusted with a license that proves you are ready to maneuver your car on the streets.

In order to attain a license, one needs to complete the defensive driving course. A defensive driving course aims to teach the students the art of – “driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the action of others.” Anyone can teach you how to drive, but defensive driving courses aim at teaching you on how to avoid the collision by anticipating risky situations, and it teaches you how to retain control over your vehicle even in the wake of someone else’s mistake.

So, if you are still pondering whether you need to join a defensive driving course, here are some facts that will allow you to arrive at the right conclusion.

  • The first thing that defensive driving course teaches you is not to trust other drivers on the street. It hones your skill and allows you to gauge a possible accident scenario, and this allows you to steer clear from any trouble brewing.
  • It dismisses one’s instinctive habit of driving in a reactionary manner. People drive and take action only after the disaster has struck. The defensive driving course aims to teach you to take preventive measures instead of waiting for the something to happen.
  • The defensive driving courses are instrumental in teaching the drivers how to adhere to the traffic rules and take care of their and other’s safety. Often people are fined for speeding or driving in a manner that endangers the lives of others. The defensive driving course ensures that the rules of proper driving are imprinted on the person’s mind, and one can see a reduction in the traffic tickets.
  • Also, if you opt for a defensive driving course, various insurance companies view this in a positive light, and you will have to pay lower premiums. A safe driver is an asset to the insurance companies.
  • If you had your license suspended for some reason, a defensive driving course could get the revoked license reinstated. Also, it can prevent such situations from occurring in future.

So, it is advisable to enroll in a defensive driving course if you wish to become a responsible citizen.