6 ideas for classy wedding welcome signs
6 ideas for classy wedding welcome signs

When you chalk out the important details for the wedding decor, it is essential to ensure that it looks welcoming, chic, and cohesive to the overall theme. The welcome sign is the first thing your guests will lay their eyes on, so pick a classy, clear, and impressive design. Here are some fun ideas to consider when looking for welcome signs for your big day:

  • Acrylic welcome sign
    A hand-lettered acrylic hanging welcome sign can look absolutely beautiful in a minimalistic wedding arrangement. Acrylic signs are quite easy to make and are also very durable. And if you aren’t keen on hand-lettering the sign, you can always get it printed in a wedding-theme-specific font to tie it together with everything else.
  • Map-themed welcome signs
    This idea is particularly cute and handy for weddings hosted at a remote location in the outskirts of a main town. Putting up a cute welcome sign and a little layout of the area can help guests find their way around the place and know where to be for each event.
  • Light-up welcome sign
    If you’ve opted for an indoor wedding with an evening-heavy itinerary, light-up welcome signs can be a unique decorative touch to the overall theme. Plus, if you use acrylic or any transparent material for such signs, the lights will refract into different colors, giving a wonderful lighting effect to the space. You can also get a marquee-themed sign with retro bulbs and old-school font to add a fun element to the decor.
  • Portrait welcome sign
    While we do not suggest putting a blown-up portrait of you and your significant other, you can get custom-illustrated versions of the two of you in different formats and add them to the welcome sign out front. These hanging welcome signs look great when they are made in the right color palette and paired with appropriate fonts and designs.
  • Painted welcome sign
    This particular style of welcome signs is particularly ideal if both you and your fiance are creatives and enjoy painting. That said, you can get the sign custom-made from any of your local artists if you don’t wish to paint it yourself. This helps add a personal touch to the decor and adds some color if your overall theme is majorly white or minimalistic.
  • Balloon welcome sign
    Alphabet-shaped balloons are gaining popularity these days. You can get welcome messages custom-made into balloons and put them up at the entrance of your wedding venue if you’re up for something unique.