Here’s what you need to know about the all-new iPhone XS Max 512GB
Here’s what you need to know about the all-new iPhone XS Max 512GB

Last year’s much-talked-about iPhone X is succeeded by two flagship models, i.e., iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max this year. Unexpectedly, the iPhone X family has introduced a third member, iPhone XR which falls more in the affordable smartphone segment. While the iPhone XR has hogged the spotlight with its pricing, users and tech experts are equally amazed by the 6.5-inch mammoth screen of the iPhone XS Max. At the moment, the iPhone XS Max has the biggest screen in the industry, giving a tough run to the recently launched Samsung Note9 which is furnished with a 6.4-inch screen. The iPhone Max XS is a great upgrade for users who fancy large display. Moreover, one of the iterations comes with a 512GB storage alternative, making it perfect for individuals who frequently use content-heavy apps.

Read on to know about some best features of the iPhone Max XS 512GB.

This 6.5-inch iPhone might come across as heavy but feels remarkably light in the hands. This bezel-less beauty is designed with durable glass on both sides with surgical-grade stainless steel rims, which make it appear sleek and sophisticated. The iPhone XS Max 512GB is rated IP68, i.e., the device is water-resistant for up to 2 meters, for approximately 30 minutes. It even protects the device from coffee, tea, or soda spills. Moreover, it is resistant to dust as well. At the moment, the iPhone XS Max 512GB is available in three standard colors, i.e., gold, silver, and space grey.

For the first time ever, the iPhone has been designed to support the dual-sim system. The iPhone XS Max has a nano-SIM slot along with e-SIM (embedded-SIM), a type of hardware that is specifically built to act like a SIM card with the assistance of the respective carrier’s software.

One of the most eye-catching features of the iPhone XS Max 512GB is the Super Retina OLED panel. Its gigantic 6.5-inch display can render a one of a kind visual experience, primarily for photography, gaming, and streaming content from popular platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and Netflix. The screen houses a resolution of 2688×1242 offers high pixel density (458ppi) and excellent color accuracy. Furthermore, its revolutionary A12 Bionic processor makes the user interface and operations ultra-smooth. The harmonious combination of the A12 Bionic chip and 12MP dual-camera system captures wonderful shots, even of objects in motion and in low-light conditions. The graphics performance of an A12 Bionic chip alone is 50% faster than an A11 Bionic chip. Likewise, this fresh chip is intelligently developed to deliver the best performance with less power.

Like the generous screen, the iPhone XS Max also has the biggest battery Apple has ever used for an iPhone. The capacity is not specified, however, Apple claims it can offer an extra running time of 1.5 hours. The phone’s glass back facilitates wireless charging based on the Qi standard. As opposed to the rumors, there is no fast charger in the box.

As compared to the iPhone XS Max 64GB and iPhone XS Max 256GB, the 512GB iteration is the priciest. Currently, it is priced at around $1,449. The preorders for both, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, will go live on September 14. The release date of both iPhone XS iterations is September 21.