The best touch screen TVs of 2017
The best touch screen TVs of 2017

With festivities coming in, everybody is excited to revamp their homes or personal dens with the latest technology and gadgets. In a rigid marketplace that is driven by competition, touch-screen TVs are the new thing that everyone wants to own. Known for its simplicity, durability, ease, and user-friendliness, here are the best touch screen TVs that will be a perfect centerpiece for your living room or bedroom:

LG C7-Series 4K OLED TV

Having an excellent picture quality, LGs 4K OLED TV is a perfect blend of design, performance, and price. This touch screen tv is a joy to use especially with the WebOS smart TV software which makes it even more fancier. This best touch screen TV by LG is priced between $2,000 and $3,000.

Samsung Q9F 4K QLED TV

Samsung’s Q9F is the best touch screen TV for all Samsung loyalists. This model of Samsung is known for its sleek design and impeccable performance that leaves the users spellbound. Another quality that makes this model the best is the Tizen operating system. For the aesthetic lovers, Samsung Q95 is a splendid option as it not only promises sharpness and ideal black levels but is also Samsung’s most elegant, ambitious, and high-performance TV series till date. The best LED-based TV by Samsung, Q9 offers minimal halo effect around perky objects on dark layouts, and precious little backlight bleeds around the ends. Plus, the Q9 can get seriously, seriously bright, making HDR content leap off the screen in any viewing environment. Not only the picture quality but also the design of this best touch screen tv by Samsung is commendable. Having a perfectly flat back, this is priced between 3,500 and $8,000.


The gorgeous A1E OLED by Sony is a spectacular creation of the brand. Uniquely designed, the screen of this touch screen TV makes it a class apart from all the models created by this company so far. The model’s innovative screen doubles as the TV’s speaker system and is much about art as it is about entertainment. Sony’s top-notch processing does LG’s OLED panel justice here, and the TV dishes out that iconic Sony glow. This model is priced between $3,000 and $18,000.


Ultra HD Resolution Ultra HD Large by LG is another great touch screen TV that is known to deliver an immersive viewing experience. 4K Upscaler Up-scaling and Super Resolution technology by LG enhances the quality of FHD content to almost like UHD quality. Its large screen with wide viewing angles is excellent for learning environments as the audience can view in any place without any problems.With a built-in touch, it overlays flawlessly to the screen, thus ensuring no dust particles can make their way in the screen. It is priced at $1,000 – $1,500.