Tips to welcome your newly adopted rescue dog
Tips to welcome your newly adopted rescue dog

Rescue dogs adopted from shelters make for wonderful and loyal pets. If you have just adopted a rescue dog, you need to make certain lifestyle changes to accommodate the new member of the family. Your pet can take anywhere between two days to two months to get adjusted to its new environment. A little patience and a lot of love will go a long way in forging an everlasting bond with your pooch. Here are a few tips to look after your rescue dog in the first few days after bringing it home.

Introduce your rescue dog to all the members of your family one person at a time. Offering a treat can help your dog to become friendly with everyone. Things like hugging, petting or kissing can be scary and overwhelming for the dog initially, so take things slow.
Limit the number of guests visiting in the first few days of bringing your rescue dog home. Your dog needs to get comfortable with its new environment and family and hence you need to give it enough time and space to do so.
Spend a lot if time in the first few days so that your dog gets familiar with you. It is also advisable to limit your dog to one area of the house until it gets comfortable to the new sights and smells.
Never leave your rescue dog unattended in the first few days. This is especially important if you have other pets at home.
Be prepared for some housetraining accidents. Since your dog is in an unfamiliar environment and is still getting adjusted to its routine, it may be prone to some housetraining accidents. Make sure your dog proof the house to prevent any injuries and get professional advice from trainers or veterinarians.
Create a schedule as dogs like to have a routine. Your rescue dog may be stressed out because of the change in its routine. By following an established for feeding playing and walking, your rescue dog will ease into its new environment.
Set yourself a consistent structure. Chalk up certain rules that your dog must follow. Training your dog in the initial days is crucial so that it is disciplined. For instance, you can practice obedience training and show some appreciation when your dog behaves well.
Get your dog examined by a veterinarian, at least a week after adoption to administer the required vaccinations and perform a routine health check-up. Most of the times rescue dogs adopted from shelters are vaccinated. Nonetheless, it is important to visit the vet at least once.