Top 4 service providers that offer the best cell phone plans for businesses
Top 4 service providers that offer the best cell phone plans for businesses

Whether a business is big or small, choosing a phone plan for a business can be a tricky situation. One has to identify certain things before jumping into a plan. One of the best ways is to grab the previous cell phone bills and verify what kind of calls are being made. Does the business involve making local or national calls? Or even International? Does the business involve the utilization of text messages and data usage? Depending on the size of the business one can limit the number of connections to minimize loss. It is always best to get the data sheets from all the shortlisted carriers and comparing them. Telecom companies provide plenty of discounts and bundles for business plans and one can compare business phone plans which perfectly suit their usage. Some of the best business phone contract deals and business phone plan services are as follows:

  • Sprint Unlimited
    Sprint offers many quality business phone plan. It offers unlimited talk time and texting to and from Canada, USA and Mexico. The plan lets the user stream HD videos at 1080p with no overage charges. User gets 10GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot and 23GB of 4G LTE data with speed capping post 23GB usage. The plan costs around $60 for a single line.
  • Teltik Business
    Teltik utilizes T-Mobile 4G LTE network and is known for its 24hrs customer service. The plan supports mobile hotspot and tethering. The plan offers free minutes and texts within the country and 2GB of 4g data and it costs $20 a month for a single connection. This phone plan works great for a small business. For users who need 6GB, they can upgrade the plan which costs around $30 a month. Their $40 a month plan offers unlimited data with speed capping after 50GB of usage. The lower versions of phone plans are the best for small business.
  • AT&T
    This service provider has a very superior network and they do offer some real good plan for small business phone systems and is one of the best options to choose among others. The plan costs around $50 a month and offers unlimited minutes. They offer free texting to any country and offer 2GB of data which can be rolled to next month if not used.
  • T-Mobile
    T-Mobile offers unlimited calling and texting to 140 plus countries. The plan offers unlimited mobile hotspot at 3G speed and offers 50GB of 4G LTE data with speed capping post 50GB usage. The plan costs around $70 per month for a single connection.

When it comes to choosing a plan for a small business, there is no obvious winner but knowing our needs can help choose the best available plan.