Unravel the IKEA maze with these tips
Unravel the IKEA maze with these tips

While stepping into IKEA, you may be attracted to the classic and clean designs, the offers, or the kind of furniture that suits your requirement. Whatever may be your reason for loving the IKEA store, none of us can deny that IKEA has brought comfort and style into our home.

These simple tricks could help you to find your way through the IKEA maze and be a smart shopper.

Store visits
The best time to shop is during weekdays when it is comparatively less crowded. You will spend lesser time navigating from one section to another and will not waste time at the checkout counter. You can also save time by visiting the store around closing time. This would ensure that you do not linger around the sections you need not be checking out in the first place.

Split up
If you have several items on your list and you are shopping with friends or family, you can save a lot of time by splitting the shopping list.
Know the store: Store maps are available at all IKEA stores near the entrance. They can come in handy while navigating through the maze of aisles and departments.

  • An IKEA store is divided into four areas, including a showroom, marketplace, self-serve warehouse, and check out.
    The showroom is located at the top level. It provides you with the opportunity to check out fully assembled IKEA designs and pick up ideas to revamp your living space. If you do not have a clear idea of what you are looking for, you should be heading to this section. Simply note down the number of items that you wish to purchase and find in the self-serve warehouse.
  • The marketplace is where you can find accessories, including cushion covers, rugs, and pillowcases for your home.
  • The self-serve warehouse is where you will find the furniture or other items that are on display in the showroom.
  • The IKEA store has an as-is’ section, which is a designated section that features returned goods or products with slight damages. All products in this section are heavily discounted and you can easily find some good deals. Many items in this section are already assembled, thereby saving you time, or even money if you are paying someone to assemble the piece of furniture. This section is regularly replenished. You can also get some insider tips from store employees to know when they add new stuff to this section to get hold of the best deals early on.
  • Finally, the checkout.

You can save a lot of money by shopping after the season. Winter goods are usually available at discounted rates during the summer and stuff that finds utility during the summer like grade and patio furniture will be on sale just when the season is winding up.

It is a good idea to prepare a list in advance so that you do not get distracted by the tempting offers in the other aisles.

If you were shopping for specific items, you would like to have a budget in mind. This keeps you within a designated range.